CLC launches “Fairness Works” campaign

decentwages (1)The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a major campaign to engage Canadians about the role of unions. The campaign is called, “Together, Fairness Works.”

The campaign is based on the idea that, when workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results. Together, working people have won decent wages, safer workplaces, fair treatment and benefits like paid vacation time, job training, and insurance coverage for things like glasses, dental care, and medicine that keep them healthy and productive.

They didn’t stop there. What they got at work, they got for everybody else by standing together and demanding more from the people they elected to boards, councils and legislatures. That’s how we all got some of the things most of us take for granted today – minimum wages, statutory holidays, paid vacation time, public health insurance, public pensions, weekends, etc.

Together, working people built Canada’s middle class and created a country with fairness as one of its fundamental values.

Find out more about the campaign HERE.

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